Stamps of Peru

Swap Out Policy

Exchange based on Catalog Value

I will consider any stamps that you send. Any stamps not needed will be returned to you. I will post them with your order, or if you decide not to accept my offer (see below), I will return everything that you have sent.

If my offer is accepted:
  • Stamps that I do need will be valued according to my 2009 Scott Catalog, allowing 20% of their value as credit.
  • Your credit line will include your cost for postage to mail your stamps to me, so please use modern large stamps on your cover.
  • A small shipping fee on each order that I post will even things out.

I realize that this is not an even trade, but you should consider my prices. Single stamps usually sell for less than 40% of their value and wholesale stamps are much less.

Your credit line can then be used to pay for what you need.

How to use your credit:
  • choose the stamps that you need by placing an order.
  • choose the Pay Later option during checkout.

I will mark the order as "Payment Received" and will ship the stamps to you.

I can make an offer for those not needed. That offer will not be anywhere close to the 20% that I offer for the ones that I do need.

Note: Any credit not used on an order will be retained by you and applied toward future orders or it can be sent to you via PayPal.

I can offer to purchase, in lieu of credit, the ones that I need, but my offer may not be as high. In some cases, it may be only 10% of their value. This depends on where the stamps are from, their value, and other factors. Large stamp producing countries usually will not attract the higher offers.

Note: It may take until after the 1st of the following month before a cash payment can be sent.

All payments will be remitted via PayPal using their Pay-a-Friend option, so that fees will be reduced.

If interested, use the Contact Us link above to let me know what you are sending so I will know that they are coming.

Please post your stamps to:

Dennis Jones
1121 Remington Circle
Burleson, Texas 76028-6777
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